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556 Amerihost Drive, Fulton, MO 65251
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+1 573-642-0077


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Sunday 12:00am — 11:59pm
Monday 12:00am — 11:59pm
Tuesday 12:00am — 11:59pm
Wednesday 12:00am — 11:59pm
Thursday 12:00am — 11:59pm
Friday 12:00am — 11:59pm
Saturday 12:00am — 11:59pm
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  • Robert Chandler
    Nov, 03 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    It used to be a favorite little hotel of ours when we would come every year to Columbia for the state chess tournament with our kids. It has a pool and a hot tub and it's real reasonably priced and the staff was always nice. Sadly in the last couple of years it has gone seriously downhill. On two occasions it took over 15 minutes to find anyone working at the hotel front desk or otherwise to help with any issues. They don't usually staff the front desk at all. Saturday morning when we woke up and came down at 7 for breakfast nothing was set up at the breakfast buffet. Coffee wasn't made there weren't biscuits out no cream cheese, etc. Later the same night we had more issues trying to find staff if we had a question or a problem. I also witnessed other guests trying to find someone at the front desk. The hot tub is either broken or shut down and it just doesn't seem that the hotel is being maintained. When you find someone they're more than willing to help but the problem is they don't stay at the front desk at all. I'm hoping things make a turn for the better and that the management is just inexperienced, but in the meantime I don't plan on returning. Just a few simple things could change this review from at 2 to a 4 - just staff your front desk, be available by phone if someone needs to call you make sure the breakfast is set up in the morning, a few very simple staples for running a hotel. One other issue to mention is that we only had one towel in her room when we checked out. I had to ask for additional towels twice and both of those times I ended up getting bath mat size towels.
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